Saturday, August 4, 2007

Some more....

Finally got some time and managed to find my camera.
I am getting higher up the shelf, so the stuff is more risky :)
Anyhow somewhere amongst this bunch is my most favourite comic ever, with a funny story attached to it.
It was almost impossible to find and buy and I wanted it big time.
I wanted it so baad that i had a little fund set aside to get it.
Eventually, I had about $250 in the fund, and was keen to fork it all and then some in order to get the comic.
E-bay was about year old at the time, and friend told me to try there.
Funny enough, as if they knew, search popped a single result and it was 3 days till the closing of that particular auction.
I dumped my 250 bucks as my highest bid and went back twice to top it up, not because it was going up in price but because I was worried it might go up while I'm asleep.
Got it in the end for 5 bucks.
I've sent a guy selling it money order for 50 bucks and said it's because I believe it's worth at least that much, but I got 45 bucks back together with the book and a thank you note with it all.




Dani Lucanu said...

great selection! :)

Lena said...

Hi.I slavianinka-i am sentimental.Around it is a lot of agressive figures.But i too am able them do-than i love ancient heroes,the saga and the legend.Your commics-professional.If you will kiss to me hand,not to turn on ashes!

adam brown said...
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locosketcho said...

Hey Milenko, thanks for the wonderful comment :) You have an awsome collection here..are those mostly european comics? I'm a big fan. Anyways, take care!

- Danica

Dela said...

Joj pa imas mauroviceve pornice u olovci ,Jedanput sam ih imao u ruci ,gdje si to iskopao ?
Svaka cast !

Ryan Bullard said...

Wow so much amazing smut!

roy santua said...


Thank You for visiting my blog.
More power to you!!!!