Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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flaviano said...

really interesting blog!
lots of Italian artists! i dont like too much Manara (it's always the same for almost 20 years!)but Liberatore is pure genious. Carlos Meglia is one of my favourite artist too and Canari is one of the hottest chick ever!
i'm happy to see that pin-up and naked girls are the main reference, i feel really near you :D

Monkeyfeather said...

Oh Bernet! LOVE that guy's stuff. I'm intrigued by that Franquin book Idees Noires. Any good?

Also, how's that new Carlos Meglia book? I like his stuff, but I haven't seen much from that book.

To answer your Anastasia question from a couple of posts ago that I forgot to post about... I guess you could say I was in the animation department, but that sounds more glamourous than what I was really doing which was being a rough in-betweener. Nothing to brag about but, it was my first job in animation, and I made some great friends at that studio.

Hope all is well with you.

Dela said...

I met Liberatore in Luca ,nice guy ,he did some sketch
for my wife ,didn't even look at the drawing ,I thought that he was pretentious ,until l checked the page .

S said...

All these books are fantastic...nice collection.Tell me where you live so I can visit you while on vacation?

Mwhahahahha hahahahhrh...


PS Do not worry Canada is far away.

S said...

Gorane,you are such a show off :)