Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We all have those books we value very much.
As much as i draw, i trully enjoy collecting and reading stuff done by other artists.
This bee log here is to simply document all the books I have sitting on my shelves.
This here bunch is a bottom shelf, and it's mixed bag of big books I have to keep on the bottom.

If anyone reads this ever, here's the question:

Two of the books are far more valuable than the others.
Guess which ones?




christian said...

I would say the Norm Lindsay and the Saturday Post .I am also a huge fan like most of us of great art books its nice to see what you are reading ...French Pin ups looks like it might be a good read ,hmmmm.

FerdinandKreozot said...


Nope (well they could be, but I got them as cheap gifts off the yard sales so I do not really know their true value, but there's two that I have paid a couple of hundred each, and I still think I got value for money...)
keep on guessing, or you want me to tell?

Oh btw, I will be posting the next bunch tonight. I wanted to do it last night, but apparently my camera's battery was out.

Cheers fellow bookworm,



GeeBee said...

"Rockwell" & "Cinema year per year" ?
Have some of these books.
My favourites : American Pin-up & Elvgreen.


FerdinandKreozot said...

Nope still.

Last two books on the bottom right.

Andrew Loomis.

The books cost me 200+ bucks each, but last time they printed them about 50 years ago.
I may have paid them a bit too much, but that's the way i am. I wanted them real bad.
They contain some of the best art advices from one of the last masters ever.

next batch coming in half an hour or so.

LFW said...

hey, that's MY book there on that shelf, jeez is it ever so old

I feel very honoured to have it featured on your "books on your shelf" blog.

your pal