Saturday, August 4, 2007

Some more....

Finally got some time and managed to find my camera.
I am getting higher up the shelf, so the stuff is more risky :)
Anyhow somewhere amongst this bunch is my most favourite comic ever, with a funny story attached to it.
It was almost impossible to find and buy and I wanted it big time.
I wanted it so baad that i had a little fund set aside to get it.
Eventually, I had about $250 in the fund, and was keen to fork it all and then some in order to get the comic.
E-bay was about year old at the time, and friend told me to try there.
Funny enough, as if they knew, search popped a single result and it was 3 days till the closing of that particular auction.
I dumped my 250 bucks as my highest bid and went back twice to top it up, not because it was going up in price but because I was worried it might go up while I'm asleep.
Got it in the end for 5 bucks.
I've sent a guy selling it money order for 50 bucks and said it's because I believe it's worth at least that much, but I got 45 bucks back together with the book and a thank you note with it all.



Monday, July 2, 2007

some more

This stuff never ends.
I was just too tired to do any more but another day I slapped a few pages together.
it's a mixed bag of my old Bosnian stuff and collected stuff from all over the world.

Here goes:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

next bunch

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shelf No 2

much bigger number o them this time. Each next shelf has more and more books, as they get thinner, and I could fit more into a single shelf.
Amongst these books there's a lot of favorites.
Actually I like every one of them.
They are all done by great artists, each in his own right.

Funny facts silly questions:
On the first image there's 3 books I owned for 20 years, and they traveled with me half way across the world. Can you spot them?
Still on the first image, easy question- one of the books contains the works of Akira Torayama, one of very few favourite japanese artists of mine.
On image3 (second from the top in this post) there's a comic called "Anton's collected Drek", a collection of pornographic stories drawn by an artist named Anton Drek... well his real name is Don Simpson, and he is creator of my favorite super hero- Megaton-man.
Also, on image 3 (although only one person other than me can answer it) there's two books which do not belong to me.
I kind of borrowed them a year ago, and forgot to give them back :)
Guess which ones, Mr Lachlan :)



Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We all have those books we value very much.
As much as i draw, i trully enjoy collecting and reading stuff done by other artists.
This bee log here is to simply document all the books I have sitting on my shelves.
This here bunch is a bottom shelf, and it's mixed bag of big books I have to keep on the bottom.

If anyone reads this ever, here's the question:

Two of the books are far more valuable than the others.
Guess which ones?